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All I want in a boyfriend is someone who won’t touch me or talk to me, but who periodically checks in to see if I’m okay and brings me food whenever I ask.

A waiter. I just realized I’m looking for a waiter.



people who hate on misha collins make me so fucking angry. there’s no fucking reason for it. honestly, he is what i hope to be in 20 years time.

he’s a poor kid from a broken family that fucking made it, and made it huge and cares and giving back in every way he fucking can and in ways he doesn’t even fucking know. he loves his fans. he tries so fucking hard. he is so damn humble.

don’t you dare shit on misha collins. 

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I'm 30, US born and raised. Full-time paramedic, full-time nursing student. Fandoms include Sherlock, Supernatural, STID, Sons of Anarchy, Avengers, Michael Fassbender, and anything Benedict Cumberbatch. Primary OTP is Johnlock, but I get into them all depending on the mood I'm in. When it comes to writing, I pretty much stick to Johnlock (although I've written one Janlock), but I'll read just about anything.

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